We want your wedding to be a celebration of your commitment and the life that you will live together!


Marriage Policy and Guidelines for Spring Park United Church

Spring Park United Church welcomes those who wish to celebrate their marriage vows in the context of worship that is centred on forming a covenant between a couple in the presence of God and their community.  Spring Park United Church celebrates the marriage of members, adherents or people seeking a Christian ceremony regardless of race, physical ability or sexual orientation.  Our minister will assist in planning a Christian marriage that is meaningful for you.




  1. Officiant at Church Weddings --- It is expected that the Covenanted Minister at Spring Park will celebrate marriages held at Spring Park United Church.  Another properly licensed minister may participate in services of marriage subject to the approval of the Session. All ministers providing services of marriage through Spring Park United Church shall follow the marriage policies approved by Session.

A couple wishing to marry at Spring Park United Church will meet with the Minister to discuss wishes and to receive input from the Minister in preparation for the marriage ceremony.

     The couple will be given the marriage preparation video prepared by the United Church of Canada, entitled "More than friends: A Marriage Preparation Resource"


  1. Music – All arrangements for music for weddings conducted in the sanctuary will be made through the church organist Ms. Susan Duncan (please contact the office for contact information).  The organist has oversight of all music that is played for the wedding and must approve of other musicians participating. Our sound person is required.  If you wish to use soloists or musicians other than the church organist, you will need to consult with the officiating minister and/or organist in advance for approval.


  1. Sanctuary and other church facilities - To arrange for the booking of a wedding and to make an appointment to meet with the minister, please Contact the Church Office,(1-902-368-1822 or email spring.park@pei.aibn.com)



License, Registration and Certificate of Marriage  


Marriage is both a civil contract and a Christian Covenant when it takes place in a church.  A Marriage License must be obtained from Access PEI prior to the wedding (not more than 3 months in advance), and those documents must be brought to the church office for registration. Please bring the Marriage License and other forms to the church office two weeks in advance of the wedding, together with the related fees and honor-aria.   

  1. Rehearsal - Arrangements for the rehearsal will be made directly with the Minister for an afternoon or evening during the week prior to the wedding.  Those to be present include the wedding party, ushers, persons reading, and parents.



  1. Candles, Decorations and Church Furnishings - Decorations, flowers and pew bows are welcome in the church.  Please do not use any adhesive which may damage the finish on the pews or walls. Wax candles may be used in the altar area only and should be in candle holders.  Candles in or on the pews are not allowed. If special symbols are to be used during the Marriage Ceremony you should discuss this with the officiating minister. Please, DO NOT place flowers on the piano or the Baptismal Font.  

  2. Photographs and Video Recordings - Photos may be taken by the congregation during the Processional, Signing of the Register, and the Recessional. The official photographer must consult with the Minister before the wedding.    



Minister:   Rev. Darin MacKinnon is the minister at Spring Park United Church. A suggested honorarium for the minister is $200.00. For one rehearsal and the wedding service.

Sanctuary Fee:   $100.00 (waived for members & families of the congregation.)

Sound Person:   The sound person is needed to monitor the sound on the mics for solos, minister,    etc…and is required in the church Sanctuary.  $100.00.

Organist:   Ms. Susan Duncan -  $150.00

The organist fee is for the wedding and one rehearsal.  There is an additional fee of $30.00 for each additional rehearsal.  Note: When the wedding involves a soloist(s), a separate rehearsal might be necessary.   Fees for soloist are by arrangement with the singers.