Our Ministry Team


Rev. Darin MacKinnon

Reverend Darin J. MacKinnon is the newest member of the ministry team.
Before entering ministry, Darin worked in the public service and as a
university lecturer.  Darin brings to Spring Park an interest in preaching,
worship and pastoral care which strives to be relevant to our faith
tradition while engaging with cultural and social change.

Rev. Anthony Ware
Minister Emeritus / Minister of Visitation

Rev. Anthony Ware has long served the needs of our congregation and was part of the founding team that lead the groundwork for the church that we've become today. Currently, Tony leads our visitation team that provides ministry within our community.

Susan Duncan
Choir Director and Organist

Susan is our outstanding organist and choir director. With an ear and talent that adds spiritual depth to our worship through song and reflective music, she works with our amazing choir to illuminate the scripture. 

Diane Gay
Office Administrator 

Diane recently joined us in the fall of 2018 and is usually the first person you’ll talk to and the first person you’ll meet!

Nathan Zwicker
Youth/Families and Education Ministries

Nathan looks after much of the programming and educational ministry aspects. If you want a session on a particular topic, or have an idea for a small group ministry, talk to him and he will help you out. 

Audrey Ellis

Audrey works hard with our budget to keep us on track, and to enable Spring Park to use its finances to produce effective ministry for the congregation and the community.